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School: Kiev Mohyla Collegium Kyiv, Ukraine  

About Me

Konniciwa, my sisters and brothers otaku! This is my new blog about animé and Japanese culture. I`ll try I`ll try to give you as many as possible useful and interesting information from the world of Japanese animation. I hope, my blog will please you and you`ll want return here once again. I`ll try to renew a diary as possible more frequent. Nobody will miss. I promise! ^_^


When I was young...   I rarely looked anime and in general didn`t know clearly, what is it. I was interested in dolls books. Once I loved studies, often went out of doors and socialized with a mother.
When I grow up...   I look anime, look anime and once again look anime. I prefer to stay in a room, but I only recently understood why. I don`t want to talk with the mother. All talk that anime it is nonsense and try any methods to shorten my time of viewing of anime to the minimum. I often play on role games and almost constantly communicate in ICQ. I don`t read manga in the internet. I like to feel that it`s a real book. Also I am engaged in a web-design and play on a guitar. I dream to become a professional mangaka.
This week...   Weeks change each other and I don`t think that I`ll want to change this point every week.
I believe...   that post mortem I will leave in paradise for otaku. Where all will be in style of anime, much bishounens and everybody will be able to do everything, that will want.
I love...   bishounens, music, j-rock, j-punk, Clamp, Angels Online, Shopping, funny things, Ukraine, Japan, Japanese kimono, my room, mystic(a little)...
You'll recognise me by...   positive energy, beautiful exterior, love to the anime, and...
I welcome...   pleasant people, beautiful things, good manners, love to the books, love to music, amiableness, modesty, bravery, honour, conscience, mind, kindness, understanding.


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