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About Me

I'm leannei'm 21 but act more like 15 or 16.I don't know why, it's confusing, there are alot of things i do that are not "normal" or right for a girl of 21.Im full of,hate,anger,frustration,sarcasm,happiness,sadness,depression. It's like i got stuck in time, my body changed, people changed around me, but i got stuck in time somehow.Hopefully i will be able to write my feelings and the way i act in this blog, to try and make some sense of it all.Hopefully, people will read it, hopefully,i'll be able to find out if i do have a mental problem or i am okay.But believe me, i dont feel okay.Thats why i decided to start this blog, so people (hopefully) can understand wht it feels like to be me....


When I was young...   I was as weird as i am now
When I grow up...   I want to be normal and understand myself
This week...   I am starting a blog
I wish...   I wasnt so confused
I believe...   that everyone chooses before they come to earth what obstacles they have to face in life
I love...   my boyfriend,billy idol and animals
You'll recognise me by...   .......
I am...   Just indescribable


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