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Xydexx got involved with furry fandom in December 1993, and has attended dozens of furry conventions. After years of volunteering behind the scenes, he joined Anthrocon's staff to serve as Editor-In-Chief for the conbook in 2002. In July 2003, he was elected to Anthrocon's Board Of Directors. He currently serves as Publications Director. When not serving his Anthrocon masters, Xydexx enjoys a wide variety of interests including urban exploration, recumbent bicycling, geocaching, and researching local history. Xydexx writes a little, draws a little, and procrastinates a lot. Xydexx has extensive desktop publishing experience and currently works as a proposal specialist. He resides in Leesburg, VA with his longtime partner, Brian Harris.


artist   They Might Be Giants
movie   Brazil, Emperor's New Groove, Cat's Don't Dance, The Game
books   Finnegan's Wake
activity   hiking, recumbent bicycling, exploring abandoned buildings, Furry fandom
places   Centralia, PA


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