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tUnE-yArDs Promo

4ad | 02.10.2009 17:20

 Finally getting around to posting again after the summer months! Sofirst off is an interesting little one track promo from the recent signing tUnE-yArDs. This promo was released back in the summer to promote the 'soft release' of the tUn ... read on


4ad | 13.09.2009 22:38

For those of you who remember the band Stellar on the 4ADoff-shoot label Detox Artifacts you may be interested to know that the band have released an album of their work on the newly formed Division68 record label run by Fedge:  ... read on

BlackBerry Niagara 9630 reviewe

cjyboeis | 19.05.2009 11:04

Most of us are going to have to wait until at least May to get our hands on a 9630, but for well-connected individuals whose blogs rhyme with "Soy Beanius Report," patience isn't in the vocabulary. BGR's gone and landed a 9630 and put it through its hyb ... read on

Chevrolet Orlando in U.S. on hold

mvudcesjr | 19.05.2009 10:17

General Motors is in survival mode right now; cutting staff, closing plants, and reworking contracts. The last thing the General likely wants to cut back on is product, but even new vehicles aren't immune to the chopping block. free new movies to watc ... read on

iPhone Next Generation: The Most Probable Evolutio

yzemjihpfqo | 19.05.2009 09:49

Probably something like this: A flatter, even more tapered and slender version of the current one. After all, if you have a winning formula, why radically change it? Matt says that he would be disappointed if it ends being something like this, just a ve ... read on

Quality problems afflicting Jaguar

adqculhjr | 18.05.2009 22:03

Jaguar XF is a great looking car and those who have driven it admire its dynamic characteristics. Unfortunately, as soon as you get in and press the start button, you can't help but wonder if the disastrous quality reputation that British cars have seem ... read on

OCZ gets official with 10.1-inch DIY Neutrino netb

brocypiqul | 18.05.2009 07:40

We know what you're thinking -- another day, another netbook, right? Not quite. OCZ Technology's Neutrino, which we caught napping at CeBIT earlier this month, just got official. Weighing in at 2.86 pounds, the DIY netbook arrives with a 10.1-inch 1,024 ... read on

Governor pondering so-called "Hummer Tax"

vbyuimqpc | 18.05.2009 06:35

The Governor of Massachusetts is backing a new state proposal to tax larger gas-guzzling vehicles each year when drivers register them. The so-called "Hummer Tax" would be the first in the nation, and it is designed to directly discourage ownership of S ... read on

Pogoplug Shares Any USB Drive Over the Internet

uoiclerb | 18.05.2009 06:32

The device is a small white brick—just a little bigger than a regular AC adapter—that can fit just about anywhere. Pogoplug costs $100, which isn't pocket change by any means, but if you've ever looked for a dead simple solution for sharing an exter ... read on

2010 Range Rover gets 12-inch 'dual view' touchscr

qfuoyceil | 18.05.2009 02:52

We've seen dual view prototypes for ages now, but you can bank on said technology (dubbed Parallax Barrier) being front and center on Land Rover's forthcoming flagship vehicle. Announced today at the New York Auto Show, the 2010 Range Rover will arrive ... read on

Lotus releasing Elise Purist Edition for $43,995

zcauqdio | 17.05.2009 21:39

Rumors have been circulating for almost a week that Lotus was planning to release a stripped-down, low-cost version of the Elise in the States. Today, we finally received confirmation from Lotus' U.S. PR-man, Kevin Smith, that indeed, the Elise "Purist" ... read on

Lexus IS F Evolution still rumored

cexilac | 17.05.2009 18:36

IS F will soldier on unchanged through the economic Armageddon. Following up on a story that surfaced this time last year, Japan's Best Car magazine is reporting that although the Lexus IS F Evolution was initially delayed, Toyota is forging ahead with ... read on

Porsche's legendary 917 hits

tixeciyoq | 17.05.2009 17:43

Geneva Motor Show, Porsche rolled out what would become one of the most successful racing cars of all time. The Porsche 917 was born of new FIA homologation rules that required a "production" run of at least 25 examples before the car could take to the ... read on

Apple orders 100 million 8Gb flash chips in ramp u

gotabetuya | 15.05.2009 12:21

Oh Apple, what are you up to? Just like we saw right around this time last year in preparation for Apple's new iPhone 3G and updated iPod touch, Apple is placing huge orders of NAND chips thereby threatening the supply in demand by other tier-one vendor ... read on

Scarpar Powerboard Is the Closest Alternative to t

dolixodumi | 15.05.2009 12:11

Scarpar doesn't say much about their Powerboard; it's been in development since the 90s and EDAG's helping with manufacturing. Great. But the video speaks volumes, showing the Powerboard on sand, snow...even off-road. Awesome. how to write poetry h ... read on

600k DSis sold opening weekend in US and Europe

fofefiha | 15.05.2009 08:17

It wasn't the most hyped launch ever, but Nintendo's DSi had itself a fine little opening weekend, with 300,000 units moving in the US and Europe each. Not bad at all, considering that the first DS only sold 500,000 units in its first entire week in the ... read on

Gates, Myhrvold To Patent Crazy Electromagnetic Co

buwihidet | 15.05.2009 07:25

Bill Gates may love his Ford Focus, but he's got plans to improve on age-old combustion, applying—along with Nathan Myhrvold and others from the Intellectual Ventures gang—to patent a smart engine with electromagnetic pistons. verizon yellow pages ... read on

Site Update

4ad | 30.03.2009 22:53

  If you are visiting you will notice that the home page has changed and now includes the 4AD player (press F5 to force a refresh if its not showing up). The site has also been ... read on

The Big Pink

4ad | 19.03.2009 22:46

This is just FANTASTIC. 4AD reborn. Watch: ... read on

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