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Future of the Left

4ad | 19.03.2009 22:44

  The band have done a video for their latest single, the hope that house built... ... read on

Camera Obscura

4ad | 19.03.2009 22:40

This band have a new single due out in April called French Navy. There is a one track CD promo and a video. ... read on

4AD SXSW 2009 CD

4ad | 09.03.2009 21:04

Well they teased us with the prospect of a limited CD for the up coming SXSW event in the States and indeed this is going to be available for free at the event. Well thats fine if you happen to be in America and going to the event. What about the rest of ... read on

4AD issue new badge and pencil

4ad | 07.03.2009 13:53

Just caught the last few seconds of an Ebay auction where the owner was selling a new 4AD pin badge and black lead pencil inscribed with the 4AD web address. Its the sort of item the old subscription service would have sent out to its subscriber base. How ... read on

Dark Was The Night

4ad | 19.02.2009 22:55

This promo for the 2 track limited 7" is around at the moment. The CD-R comes in the usual plastic wallet with artwork as per the 7" release. Tracks are:Dirty Projectors David Byrne - 'Knotty Pine' The National - 'So Far Around The Bend' ... read on

Future of the Left

4ad | 19.02.2009 22:52

The Hope That House Built is the up coming single to be released soon. As expected it has now appeared as a promo CD-R. This release does not have any artwork associated with it. the disc is the customary white colour with band name and tracks etc. in bla ... read on

It Hugs Back: Now and Again

4ad | 14.02.2009 21:52

the upcoming It Hugs Back single due for release in a week or so's time has already received its release as a one track promo. Coming in the usual plastic wallet, the white CD-R has the band name and track listing on it. It also comes with artwork as ... read on

Halfway Home

4ad | 14.02.2009 21:46

 I have come across an interesting new promo from TV on the Radio. This time its a single track promo release from the band. It promotes the fact that the track was given away as a freebie from both ITunes and Bebo during the latter part of Januar ... read on

The 4AD 2008 Promo Sampler

4ad | 03.02.2009 21:38

Age of Miracles, Age of Sound As many of you will be aware, 4AD released a digital promo sampler at the end of 2008. You can download the entire album from the 4AD home page. As far as I know this has not been released as a real promo on CD- ... read on

M Ward Promo

4ad | 03.02.2009 21:26

 Another promo to go hunting for is the new release by M Ward called 'Never Had Nobody Like You'. So far this has been found as a single track promo which comes in a plastic wallet with artwork. The CD-R is the usual white type, with artist name and ... read on

Fordlandia Promo

4ad | 03.02.2009 21:21

Fordlandia by Johann Johannson was released a while back and it too has a promo version. This comes in a card wallet with artwork similar to the commercial release. Tracks are: Fordlandia (13:43) melodia (i) (1:56) ... read on

Anni Rossi Promo Album

4ad | 03.02.2009 21:06

  Rockwell - the new album by Anni Rossi has been released as a promo. It comes in the usual plastic wallet with a picture of presumably Anni Rossi on the cover. The CD-R is again your typical 4AD white promo with black text listing the album name an ... read on

Get your Dancing Choose on!

4ad | 24.12.2008 11:38

 There is a new promo release for the upcoming TV on the Radio single release due in January 2009. This time it is a 4 trach CD housed in a black card sleeve. It has a catalogue number of CH001CDP. It looks like the printers got the wrong info though ... read on

Age of Miracles, Age of Sound

4ad | 12.12.2008 21:54

  Well this year instead of releasing a CD sampler 4AD have decided to go all digital on us.  The have released a digital promo called Age of Miracles, Age of Sound. This 12-track compilation features everyone from Anni Rossi to TV On ... read on

TV on the Radio

4ad | 12.12.2008 21:48

  TV on the Radio are releasing a new single in the New Year, called Dancing Choose. There is already a single track promo floating about. ... ... read on

Anni Rossi Promo

4ad | 06.11.2008 22:12

Another day another promo to report on. This time from Anni Rossi who hails from Minnesota USA. This is the Afton mini album released 20-10-2008 on 4AD. This is actually a collection of previously released  songs found on both her myspace page and a ... read on

Song to the Siren

4ad | 24.10.2008 23:43

... read on

New 4AD music player!

4ad | 24.10.2008 22:33

... read on

Three Women - Stereolab promo

4ad | 24.10.2008 22:22

One that slipped under the radar until recently. This is a bit of a strange one as it was released around the time that the label and Beggars generally were under going their compaction. So as far as I know, the song was still released on Too Pure (PURE 2 ... read on

Golden Age - TV on the Radio

4ad | 24.10.2008 22:10

The first release from the latest TV on the Radio album 'Dear Science' is Golden Age. Sadly this is just a digital release, no 7" or CD available to buy. However, the promo comes to our rescue and this is the only physical source for this song. As ev ... read on

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