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Ice cold in Iceland!

roy | 27.03.2012 11:09

This was it! It was the culmination of a bit of planning that took place towards the end of last year when I had sorted out the hotel and the flights. When the Iceland Airways plane finally took off and headed north towards ... read on

Yultide spirits?

roy | 25.12.2011 22:28

I think I’ve probably drank a few of those by now! I hope you’re all not too turkeyed out. For me, Christmas has been a bit of a quiet one this year, but that is by no way a criticism, as the run up too it has been pretty busy: ... read on

Back to book

roy | 30.10.2011 10:21

I’d wish you all a happy Halloween but it just passed me by…again! Earlier I was out in Kingston seeing a film (it was Johnny English Reborn in case you are asking) and a few of the natives were taking the ghost and ghoul theme very seriously ... read on

Bowled over?

roy | 24.05.2011 17:11

Have you ever had one of those mad days when there are just too many things to do? That was basically me last Saturday evening. As always when this happens, the plan for the night started out very simply...Regular readers of this page (I think this is pro ... read on

Party on?

roy | 31.03.2011 11:43

The ongoing saga of the Kingston Voluntary Organisation continues...For those of you who don't know, the Kingston Voluntary Organisation that I have been a member of for more years than I can remember has been off air for way too long - last May a planned ... read on

Valentine’s Day massacred!

roy | 18.02.2011 12:56

If you are thinking of organising a social event or activity on Valentine’s Day, it is very important that you remember these wise words - just don't bother! It may sound a bit bitter and twisted, but it is based on real life experience, that is, wh ... read on

Ohne Titel

romanceandpassion | 24.05.2010 20:31

Romance and Passion parties are becoming more and more popular with women. They are fun, often hilarious and yet not to the detriment or embarrassment of any individuals that may dislike that type of what they may interpret to be negative attention. Parti ... read on

Want to plan the perfect evening? Romance and Pass

romanceandpassion | 15.05.2010 10:12

Romance & Passion Inspire Romance! - Beautiful Lingerie for Him / Her (sizes 6-24), Bra's (30A - 44G), Jewellery, Champagne Bubble Bath, Rose Petals, Massage Candles / Oils, fantastic Hen-night choices and Wedding Gifts including Personalised Clothi ... read on

Sex on the Beach

glowboy | 03.02.2010 14:32

dabeach weru bared urfanny toa40+man isonpp36-37 ofda Calmac brochure Mrs Stater aberdeen fanny flashing in aberdeen fanny flashing ... read on

Blondes in Skirts

glowboy | 01.02.2010 12:50

wy rthose blondes in shortskirts interviewin da st anonimous big girls Mrs Stater?aberdeen short skirted blondes in aberdeen short skirted blondesWhy are all those fast-talking blondes in very short skirts and very high heels, clutch ... read on

Piccie Phones

glowboy | 29.01.2010 12:47

St Anonimous School for girls MALE staff banned fromavin BREAKING NEWSaberdeen male photographers in aberdeen male photographersBREAKING NEWSMale Staff at prestigious St Anonimous School for Girls in Aberdeen's leafy and ... read on


glowboy | 28.01.2010 16:28

St Anonimous School for Girls teachers to dance NAKED aberdeen nude teachers in aberdeen nude teachersDear Parents, I am delighted to announce that the female staff of St Anonimous School for Gir ... read on

Next stop...Egypt

roy | 28.01.2010 01:11

That's what’s planned to be happening this Friday. Yeah, I'm bound for the land of the Pharaohs!To be honest I couldn't tell you where abouts in Egypt I am going - all I know is that it’s at a resort by the Red Sea, and I could ha ... read on

Starts Here?

roy | 15.01.2010 19:24

The weekend certainly does - that’s just a question of time. Whether or not any of my other planned endeavors will come to anything, I can't be so sure. A lot of the stuff lined up is admittedly just run of the mill chores - things like setting up m ... read on

Healthy Bottom

glowboy | 14.01.2010 13:31

ru andur buck  pleased witur size 20 butt provin healthy Mrs Stater?aberdeen big bottoms in aberdeen big bottomsAre you and your buck pleased at the news that your size 20 arse is now considered, according to the latest research, hea ... read on

Itchy Fanny

glowboy | 13.01.2010 13:26

wozitur FANNY itchin onur 8th wedin aniversary wenuwer 32 nsiz12Mrs Stater?aberdeen 7 year itches in aberdeen 7 year itchesWas it YOUR fanny itching on your 8th wedding anniversary, in 1985, when you were 32 and size 12 and turned out,&nb ... read on

Love Trysts

glowboy | 12.01.2010 14:20

didu shag da aircraftsmen inda marital bed Mrs Stater?aberdeen love trysts in aberdeen love trystsDid you shag the 30-year-old aircraftsman in the marital bed while your 3 kids were distracted by your buddy and your ex was out on his ... read on


glowboy | 11.01.2010 12:11

St Anonimous School for Girls defaced BREAKING NEWSaberdeen adulterers in aberdeen adulterersBREAKING NEWSPolice in Aberdeen are investigating the defacement of the noble granite frontage of a prestigious and hugely-expensive priva ... read on

Big Gossip

glowboy | 11.01.2010 11:54

St Anonimous School for Girls GOSSIP OF THE YEAR award k.piddletin@st-anonimous.aberdeen.sch.ukaberdeen gossips in aberdeen gossipsWet and Warm Fanniz,I write to annou ... read on

Mrs Robinson

glowboy | 09.01.2010 13:13

St Anonimous School for Girls teacher suedfor sexualpredation BREAKING NEWSaberdeen broken news in aberdeen broken newsBREAKING NEWSSenior Mistress at St Anonimous School for Girls in Aberdeen, Mrs Jan Stater, is to be sued at Aber ... read on

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