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Pillion Passenger

glowboy | 18.06.2008 15:28

Herviastat was MOST impressedbyurex Mrs Stater.Mrs Stater, did you know that Herviasat went off for the weekend with your ex?Nothing sexual, Mrs Stater.  She's FAR too young for him, apparently, Mrs Essie, although he did com ... read on

Penis Substitute

glowboy | 18.06.2008 14:37

doustil stick Dove deocanisters upurfanny Mrs Stater?You know, the phallic-shaped Dove roll-on thingies that squirt out white cream, Mrs Stater?Your ex told Herviastat thay YOU used to stroke your slit with them for a while befo ... read on

Idle Bastard 2

glowboy | 18.06.2008 14:35

wotjobduzhedo the 60minute/sandwichboxedlunchtaker Mrs Stater?You know THAT BLOKE who is supposed to be helping run St Anonimous for £50K and who shuts up shop for his 60 MINUTE LUNCHBREAK with the Jannies, in their downstai ... read on

Idle Bastard 1

glowboy | 18.06.2008 14:33

wotsisname, the am Jannie whodid FUCK ALL Mrs Stater?What was that Jannie called, Mrs Stater, not the very tall one, the am bugger who did fuck all, ACCORDING TO YOU, Mrs Stater, but who couldn't be tackled because he had his sandwiches at lunc ... read on

Huge Tits

glowboy | 17.06.2008 18:46

wotwasdateachercald witda HUGE TITS at The Prom Mrs Stater?What was the name of the supply teacher who was told off by The Heedie for RUBBING HER HUGE TITS UP AND DOWN HER HUSBAND, on the dance floor, in front of all the St Anonimous Girls,  ... read on

SEX at 54

glowboy | 17.06.2008 18:11

A course inSecondtime-roundSEXwit Jan Stater St Anonimous Girls School AberdeenMrs Jan Stater of the prestigious, select, St Anonimous School for Girls in West End Aberdeen will front a course for women looking for sex in their mid fifties. ... read on

Geriatric Incompetence

glowboy | 17.06.2008 17:46

ruplannintobedamost geriatric incompetent teacheratSt Anonimous Mrs Stater?I mean when all your college buddies take early retirement to be kindly old grannies providing child care, which they are starting to do now, WHO WILL YOU COPY LESSO ... read on

Anti Climbing

glowboy | 17.06.2008 17:37

Girls MUST cease climbing up the school frontage. a.kilimanjaro@st-anonimous.aberdeen.sch.ukI have today BANNED the recent practise of girls in skirts climbing up the school front ... read on

FEED the Penguin

glowboy | 17.06.2008 17:31

FEEDdaPenguin St Anonimous Schoolfor Girls Aberdeen 10.00-12.00 SatMrs Stater, WHO pinned the notice to the school sign outside?Did YOU read it before it was taken down by the Jannie, Mrs Stater?I suppose it depends if you wer ... read on

Sweet COCK

glowboy | 14.06.2008 15:41

didureally suck WHITE WINE offurexs COCK Mrs Stater?In your caravan, on the island, in summer?  When you were 46, Mrs Stater?Did you sit on the bed sipping wine and masturbating, knees-up and knickers off, Mrs Stater, before goi ... read on

Give a Dog

glowboy | 14.06.2008 13:56

diduget no interview cozofallur college resits Mrs Stater?Is it true, Mrs Stater that, when you got no interview for that Head of Dept job, up the road had been told of all your college resits and your struggle to pass the courses?Is it t ... read on

Nessa Towels

glowboy | 14.06.2008 13:39

guest speaker arrangements Mon 16 06 08 a.kilimanjaro@st-anonimous.aberdeen.sch.ukGirls,Having met with Senior Mistress Jan Stater and also Senior Master Bator Cunning ... read on

Mrs Diddy

glowboy | 14.06.2008 13:14

didutelurexsumtinNOTNICE bout MissDiddy's mum Mrs Diddy Mrs Stater?Herviastat says that on Friday night your ex was in The Queen Vic all dressed up, smart and formal and NOT pished, Mrs Stater.Apparently he's got SOME tan, Mrs Stater, l ... read on

Father for Justice

glowboy | 14.06.2008 12:30

Policeratdahomeof St Anonimous Headmistress A Kilimanjaro.BREAKING ABERDEEN NEWSPolice, in large number, accompanied by Fire Brigade and Ambulance personnel are attending an incident at the private residence of the Headmistress of prestig ... read on

Full Licence

glowboy | 14.06.2008 12:26

ididntnourex adan Aprilia Caponord & a motorcycle licence Mrs Stater.Does that mean he can travel FAR and FAST, INCOGNITO, Mrs Stater?I mean, if the cloned number plates and stolen driver's licence pass muster, which, I'm told, norm ... read on

BLACK Friday

glowboy | 14.06.2008 12:23

Fri 13th was perhaps NOT an auspicious day for utodoit Mrs Stateraberdeen alternative therapists in aberdeen alternative therapists ... read on

gifts for your love one's

flowersphil | 12.06.2008 20:07

Online Shopping For the past decades and every year more and more Filipinos go abroad to work for their families. The biggest dilemmas for all Overseas Filipino workers are to leave their families to pursue their goal. Although they are working for the f ... read on

Voyeurism Protocol

glowboy | 12.06.2008 16:10

malestaff willbe required to DENY voyeuristic intent DAILY a.kilimanjaro@st-anonimous.aberdeen.sch.ukColleagues,I intend to consult with ALL St Anonimous School for Girls s ... read on

Error of Omission

glowboy | 12.06.2008 15:49

umistsumtinondamatrimonialpropertyutooklist Mrs Stater.THREE CHILDREN, Mrs Stater.Did your boyfriend not spot that, Mrs Stater? You know, as YOU and HE took a laugh at it, over a nice glass of Rioja?Mrs Chargehand?Mrs B ... read on


glowboy | 12.06.2008 15:38

Vicious Vera Cunton, not Truncheon, Mrs Stater...hehehe...She was called VERA CUNTON...that nasty, bitching, two-faced shite of a woman, as YOU described her, at home, after St Anonimous, to your ex, Mrs Stater!aberdeen fuel injectio ... read on

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