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A Hole in the World

glowboy | 12.06.2008 15:14

ANGER isjust LOVE DISAPPOINTED dulikdat1bydaeaglz Mrs Stater?Does Mrs Chargehand?Mr Chargehand?Mrs Chargehand's adult sons?aberdeen record shops in aberdeen record shops ... read on

More MISS Information

glowboy | 12.06.2008 15:08

ur camphill-bonham solicitor cantspel misinformation Mrs Stater!!SOMEBODY, Mrs Stater, needs to teach THE BASTURD a lesson...A SPELLING LESON...glowboy aberdeenaberdeen clairvoyants in aberdeen clairvoyants ... read on

MISS Information

glowboy | 12.06.2008 14:47

TOP Class FELLATIO service email ... read on


glowboy | 12.06.2008 12:25

Well, did you SUCK HIM TO COMPLETION last night Mrs Stater?As a BURFDAY treat, Mrs Stater?  You know, HIGH DAYS and HOLIDAYS kindofting, Mrs Stater.Did you give HIM anything else A BIT SPECIAL, Mrs Stater?Did HE give ... read on

Coworkers Cocks

glowboy | 11.06.2008 16:33

Notdamenteachers Mrs Stater the HUSBANDS ofur COLLEAGUESTHE QUESTION IS HOW MANY OF YOUR COLLEAGUES' HUSBANDS' COCKS HAVE YOU SUCKED, Mrs Stater?DURING or AFTER the dinner parties and the QUITE SCINTILLATING discussions of the rela ... read on

Spare't an' Weel

glowboy | 11.06.2008 16:07

Many Happy Returns Mrs Stater, MWAH!!May I, on behalf of the two members of the St Anonimous School for Girls Divinity Club, give thanks to God that you are on the occasion of your 54th birthday, Mrs Stater, STILL ... read on

Nocturnal FARTER

glowboy | 11.06.2008 15:21

Is it true that you are a bit of a NOCTURNAL FARTER Mrs Stater?Do ANY of the blokes that you're fellating and fucking, Mrs Stater, ACTUALLY spend the night with YOU or YOU with them?Is there a tacit arrangement that you go your separate ... read on


glowboy | 11.06.2008 15:10

forur LOVER didutake DIANETTE toavoid pregnancy50+ Mrs Stater?As recommended by medical practitioners for sufferers of POCS, Mrs Stater?For its side benefits, cosmetically, in the feminine department...cough,cough...Mrs Stater?AND ... read on


glowboy | 11.06.2008 15:05

DROPPED DEAD while fucking Mrs McCabe on Viagra Mrs Stater!NOT DROPPED WHILE FUCKING DEAD...hehehe...aberdeen chemists in aberdeen chemists ... read on

Miss Dozer's Thong

glowboy | 11.06.2008 12:42

didshereallyshow damen teachers erKNICKERS Miss Dozer Mrs Stater?Did Miss Dozer REALLY flash her pants for the men teachers behind the Staffroom door, Mrs Stater?Herviastat said Miss Dozer told her she was fed up with them all taking snea ... read on


glowboy | 11.06.2008 12:14

Was Mr Hasson orjust Robb SHAGGING daStAnonimous 6th Mrs Stater?Was Mr Hasson having sex with the 6th Form girls while his wife busied herself FUCKING half of the university, Mrs Stater?Or was it JUST Mr Robb AND the Techni ... read on


glowboy | 11.06.2008 12:01

Jan Stater of St Anonimous Girls School in Aberdeen SUSPENDEDaberdeen gardeners in aberdeen gardeners ... read on

Law & SEX

glowboy | 10.06.2008 18:17

ursexblogsbeinstudied at university Law School Mrs Stater!Your sex blog is being studied at university Law School in Aberdeen, Mrs Stater.Like is it FILTH or ART, kindofthing?  Contemporary Jurisprudence stuff, like.YOU would ... read on

Multiple SHAGGER

glowboy | 10.06.2008 18:15

wozit Mrs Hasson. who SHAGGED anytininuniversitytrousers Mrs Stater?Herviastat was saying you told your ex that Mrs Hasson was FUCKING anything in trousers, of any age, at the university and that Mr Hasson just put up with it, Mrs Stater, even t ... read on


glowboy | 10.06.2008 17:44

doujust LOVE the taste of ERECT COCK Mrs Stater?Do you just love to get the TASTE OF TOT in your saliva and THEN, holding your hair back out of your eyes with your hands, TO SWALLOW before going down for some more, Mrs Stater?aberdeen fin ... read on


glowboy | 10.06.2008 17:19

New minibuses to Logie Fersands Torry Mastrick a.kilimanjaro@st-anonimous.aberdeen.sch.ukParents will be delighted to learn of the new minibus services starting in August 200 ... read on

Binoculared CUNT

glowboy | 10.06.2008 17:16

douavasexfantasy bout menwitbinoculars viewingurCUNT Mrs Stater?Do the token males at St Anonimous School for Girls know you fantasise about men watching you through binoculars as you remove your knickers and walk about sleeveless-topped, b ... read on


glowboy | 10.06.2008 15:26

STICK IT UP YOUR ARSE, MRS STATER.Did Miss White REALLY slap Miss Mayles in the chops before marching into Mrs Kilimanjaro's office, without knocking AND SHOUTING:'STICK IT UP YOUR ARSE, KILIMANJARO, YOUR £40K, EMBARRASSINGLY CUSH ... read on


glowboy | 10.06.2008 15:07

Was she called Mrs Truncheon, VICIOUS VERA, Mrs Stater?Herviastat was saying that you told your ex that the Mrs Truncheon wifie was THE most unpleasant, aggressive, VICIOUS BITCH, you have EVER worked with, Mrs Stater.Do you not have lunc ... read on

Erectile Dysfunction

glowboy | 10.06.2008 14:28

Has he really got a LIMP willie, Mr Gravey, Mrs Stater?Or is it just that Ms Gravey is so FAT and REPULSIVE that he pretends he can't get a stiffie to be left alone.Herviastat says, Mrs Stater, that since Mrs McCabe's hubby dropped ... read on

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